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How do you get commissioned as a Marine Corps Officer out of the Air Force Academy?

If, in the best interest of the service, the individual may be commissioned into another branch of the military providing there is another individual who is trying to get into (MORE)

What is US Marine Force Recon?

Marine Force Recon is a branch of MARSOC (Marine Special Operations  Command) and their job is to locate HVT's (High Value Targets) and  other threats for the main infantry. (MORE)

Does the Marines have an air force?

Yes, they do. There are three Marine Aircraft Wings. The Marine Corps' fighting forces are composed of land assault, naval assault, and air assault. The Marines are small, but (MORE)

Can Air Force Reserve members be deployed?

  Yes. Yes. And Yes. My name is SRA Moore. I have been deployed once and I will be going on another fairly soon. i am Security Forces.
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Why will the Air Force not take Marines?

Because the Air Forceconsiders us to be mentally unstable. You can join the Air Force from the Marines but you need to pass a mental evaluation Last I heard was that if you ar (MORE)

If you join the marine reserves can you keep your current job?

Yes and no- MOST members of the Reserve Forces have civilian jobs. You will need to take a leave of absence from your civilian job while you undergo your initial training, and (MORE)