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Super Mario 64 2?

There isn't going to be a Super Mario 64 2 as the game is considered too good to sequel it, although they have made a Nintendo DS version of this game and as they are remaking (MORE)

Is Sonic in Super Mario Galaxy 2?

It's "Super Mario Galaxy but according to internet rumour sonic is in it No, Sonic is not in Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Galaxy 2. The rumors are lies. Sonic actually (MORE)

What galaxies are in Super Mario Galaxy 2?

World 1 Sky Station Galaxy Yoshi Star Galaxy Spin-Dig Galaxy Flip-Swap Galaxy Rightside Down Galaxy Fluffy Bluff Galaxy Bowser Jr.'s Firey Flotilla Galaxy Worl (MORE)

How do you get luigi in Super Mario galaxy 2?

Around world 3 tall trunk galaxy he shows up at starship Mario and you can play him when you see him in a galaxy. But if you want to play him on any level, you have to beat th (MORE)

Is rosalina in super Mario galaxy 2?

when you die multiple times in a row she comes as a spirt thing and helps you through the part, I think (havent played a while.) When you beat the final final galaxy after you (MORE)

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