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How is Mario evil?

Well, technically, he isn't evil. Sure, he has murdered a gazillion goombas, koopa troopas, and others as well as (I believe) kill Bowser Jr. in Super Mario Galaxy and kill Bo (MORE)

How old is mario mario?

Right now mario is 32 years old. The first game he was ever in was donkey kong from 1981.
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Who is Mario Etheridge?

Mario Etheridge is the man who shot and killed proof from D12. Proof was Eminem's best friend. They both were rappers. Proof was getting carried out about a pool match (MORE)

Who made Mario Mario?

Shigeru Miyamoto or the Jumpman. People started calling him that after he released Mario. The original name for Mario was Jumpman in the arcade game Donkey-Kong.
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Who is Marios sidekick?

Yoshi, who which was found by Luigi and Yoshi thought that Luigi was his MAma. He pretty much saved Mario frm a Giant Catipillar and became handy, so they used him!
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Why is marios name mario?

Mario, invented in 1981, has been called many names. His original name was "Mr. Video", and then later he became Jumpman. At the time however, Mario was unable to jump, so the (MORE)

Where did Mario get his hat?

Well after Mario (Jumpman) defeated Donkey Kong, Peach was so grateful she stitched him a hat. Then Jumpman changed his name to Mario. Then the Valley Of Bowser heard of the h (MORE)