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Where does Marion barber live?

He lives in Richmond, VA.  WikiAnswers cannot provide his address as this is his personal information.
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Why did Marion barber retire?

He apparently had had enough of pro football. Marion Barber III, who played for the Dallas Cowboys from 2005 to 2010 and the Chicago Bears in 2011, announced his retirement on (MORE)

What is meant by Dorn effect?

The Dorn effect is a phenomenon about vertical electric fields that  were discovered by a man with the last name of Dorn. This  phenomenon shows that sedimentation can appea (MORE)

How far is Marion IL from Minneapolis MN?

694 miles taking this route: Take I-94 EAST to I-39 SOUTH/90 EAST splitoff in Madison, Wisconsin.From there, continue on I-39/90 towards CHICAGO to Illinois where I-39/90 bec (MORE)

Is Marion a girl name or boy name?

A girl's name. It's a diminutive form of Mary. Marian came be applied to both males and females, although there are more females with the name than are men. One notable one wa (MORE)
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Is Marion bartoli married?

Marion Bartoli is a former winner of the Wimbledon Championships in  2013. No, Marion is not married but she is quoted as saying that  she would like to get married and star (MORE)