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What is a rowdy-dow-dow?

It's probably actually "rowdy dou dou" and int eh song "Arthur McBride" it's the boy's drum, which would be painted in the regimental colors and might have various ribbons or (MORE)

What are the Dow Jones 30 stocks?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average currently contains the following companies (with the stock's ticker symbol in parentheses): 3M (MMM) Alcoa (AA) American Express (AXP) (MORE)
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What are the 'Dogs of the Dow'?

The ten stocks paying the highest dividends.   As of 5/23/2008 they are currently:   Bank of America   Pfizer   Citigroup   General Motors   Verison   AT& (MORE)

What year did dow-Jones start?

  The DJIA was first published in Customer's Afternoon Letter.[1] It was published on May 26, 1896, and represented the average of twelve stocks from important American in (MORE)

What is the DOW?

"The DOW" refers to the Dow Jones Industrial Average; which is a general measure of the stock market based on a number of key factors. It is tracked by Dow Jones & Company a f (MORE)
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Does Dow stand for?

Dow mainly stands for Dow Industrial Average which is also known as Dow 30, Industrial Average, Dow Jones or Dow. Investing in Dow Jones Industrial Average is mainly accessed (MORE)

Is there any pictures of a Dow-Dow bird?

No there are no "photographs" of do-dos if that's what you're asking; they went extinct before the first camera was developed, though i beleive there are illustrations of them (MORE)