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What is a Marionette Catholic?

Because she is french, and France is a Catholic sector. ANSWER: I believe you mean MARONITE Catholics which is an entirely Catholic sect/"rite" of the Catholic Church (MORE)

How do you make a marionette?

To make a marionette you first scrunch two pieces of newspaper together realy tight, then you stick it on top of a cardboardcone this is going to be your head and your body th (MORE)
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Where did Marionettes originate from?

Hi, I am not absolutely sure but would imagine from France- simply because of the name!
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What does marionette mean?

There are two English words for "marionetta" (singular): puppet and marionette. Its plural form is "marionette". Another Italian word for puppet and marionette is "burattino (MORE)
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How do you get the eternal marionette in bayonetta?

To unlock the Eternal Marionette, you must finish the game on Normal Difficulty or buy it from Rodin's after finishing it on Normal, but wish to use it in Hard or above.
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How do you control marionettes?

A marionette is a puppet that is controlled by strings or wires that are attached to various parts of the puppet and pulled from above by the puppeteer.
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