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Does Carol Burnett still tour?

  Yes, she will be in Seattle for a question and answer type event on September 27, 2009.
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What is marking of cheque?

a person may not like to part with goods in return for a cheque from a party not well known to such context the banker on whom the cheques is drawn may be asked by the (MORE)

Where does AJ burnett live?

Allan James Burnett, is a professional baseball player who plays  for the Philadelphia Phillies. His home is located in Monkton,  Maryland, USA.
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How did Mark get his information?

Another answer from our community:   Mark wrote his Gospel for Gentile Christians. Early Christian  tradition placed Mark in Rome preserving the words of Peter for  Roma (MORE)
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Who is mark burnett married to?

His first wife was Diane Burnett who he was married to until 2003, and had 2 children with. On April 28, 2007, he married Roma Downey who he's still married to.
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