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What kind of guitar does mark farner play in the 60's?

In the 1960s and 1970s, Farner played a Messenger guitar, which had an aluminum neck that ran through the body. Because it was a semi-hollow body guitar, he had to stuff rags (MORE)
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How old is Lesia Farner?

Lesia is 49 years old & Mark is 62. He married her when she was 17 & he was 30.
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What is marking of cheque?

a person may not like to part with goods in return for a cheque from a party not well known to such context the banker on whom the cheques is drawn may be asked by the (MORE)

Who is Mark Spitz?

ok well the answer before was wrong he won 7 gold metals and phelps wanted to beat that reacord and get 8 gold medals and he did that's why people were making a big deal of (MORE)

How did Mark get his information?

Another answer from our community:   Mark wrote his Gospel for Gentile Christians. Early Christian  tradition placed Mark in Rome preserving the words of Peter for  Roma (MORE)
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How is Ramadan marked?

Ramadan is marked by the phase of the moon. The first day of Ramadan is the first day of a new cycle of the moon's phases. The month of Ramadan should undergo 2 phases of the (MORE)

Did Mark Farner ever drum for Grand Funk Railroad?

Yes, but with Don Brewer on stage, drumming along with him in Grand Funk. Mark was a guitarist from teenage years, and also played harmonica, piano/organ , drums, and bass. He (MORE)

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