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Which season of Seinfeld does Kramer smoke cigars?

  It is a running gag throughout the show that Kramer likes to smoke cigars, but one memorable scene was from The Wallet (part 1) when Kramer runs out of matches, so he li (MORE)
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Where did Kane Kramer go to school?

Brookland Rise Junior School, Hampstead Garden Suburb, Whitefields, Aida Foster Stage School, Corona Stage Academy.
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What holiday did Kramer make up on Seinfeld?

Festivus, originally created by George's father Frank Costanza during George's youth. Involves an aluminum pole instead of a Christmas tree and ceremonies include telling othe (MORE)

Who is Andrew Kramer?

he was the founder of he has over 100 Adobe After Effects tutorials as well as a few in Autodesk 3ds Max and Cinema 4d. he also has some products on his webs (MORE)

What is a turkey Kramer test?

  I think you mean a Tukey-Kramer test. The spelling is important. The answer to "What is a Tukey-Kramer test" can be found on Wikipedia. Briefly, after you have applied a (MORE)