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What are the marks for on Pokemon?

Nothing completely special. If you trade your Pokemon to a friend and they see that mark they will know that it was you that owned that Pokemon because you would most likely (MORE)
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What is a pronoun for Mark and me?

The pronoun that takes the place of the noun phrase 'Mark and me'  is us.    The noun phrase 'Mark and me' is the objective  form that functions as the object of a ve (MORE)
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Who marks who in netball?

goal defence marks goal attack goal keep marks goal shoot wing defence marks wing attack and centre marks the opposing centre
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What is marking the moment?

Marking the moment is when you put emphasis on a specific part in a scene. This can be done using different drama techniques such as forum theatre, thought tracking etc.
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What are bunter marks?

Bunter marks are the marks produced by a bunter, or head-stamping, tool when the bullet is manufactured. This tool imprints the manufacturer's name and bullet's calibre on the (MORE)

What marks a generation?

as each "generation" is born and then grows to have children of their own, that marks a generation. Generally considered to be about 20 years per generation. So your grandpare (MORE)

What is stress mark?

A stress mark or accent mark is used to show the part of a certain  word that needs to be given a stressed or accented sound when  spoken. It is found most often in words of (MORE)

Marks on your dinnerware?

Marks on your dinnerware (very common on types of stoneware with hard glazes) are caused by particles left from your flatware. They marks are nothing serious and can typically (MORE)

Why are sheep marked?

  merino sheep are marked or mulsed to prevent fly strike from wrinkle on there behind, then antiseptic spray an a local anesthetic is placed on the marked area. then if t (MORE)