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Where did mark rothko live?

New York, New York, USA for most of his life, but he also spent some time in San Francisco, teaching, and also some time in the mid west... Oregon or somewhere like that.
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How did Mark get his information?

Another answer from our community:   Mark wrote his Gospel for Gentile Christians. Early Christian  tradition placed Mark in Rome preserving the words of Peter for  Roma (MORE)
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What is marking of cheque?

a person may not like to part with goods in return for a cheque from a party not well known to such context the banker on whom the cheques is drawn may be asked by the (MORE)
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How is Ramadan marked?

Ramadan is marked by the phase of the moon. The first day of Ramadan is the first day of a new cycle of the moon's phases. The month of Ramadan should undergo 2 phases of the (MORE)
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What is marking in netball?

Marking is when the one player blocks another player from reciving the ball from a member of their team. So eg. Wing defence marks Wing attack from getting the ball from the c (MORE)