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What did colonel sanders do in 1920?

Colonel Sanders established a ferry boat company, which operated a  boat on the Ohio River between Jeffersonville and Louisville.
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Webley Scott 22 mark 3 how much?

The Webley & Scott MK3 Pellet Rifle was produced from 1947 to 1975 in Birmingham, England. It was available in .177 and .22. It is a tap loader with under lever cocking and we (MORE)

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How to replace a left front wing on a mark 3 golf?

  part 1of 2 wing change     Ok you will need to take the three bolts off from the top of your wing under the bonnet (not the two large bolts at the top as tho (MORE)

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

Although Bernie Sanders describes himself as a "democratic  socialist" his current political positions would more accurately be  described as "social democracy".    S (MORE)

How do you divide a circle into 3 parts using only a confectionery ruler with no markings?

Draw a diameter on the circle from A to B and mark the midpoint, C (center of the circle). Mark the midpoint, D, of one of those radii (halfway between center and edge). Draw (MORE)