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Has mark spitz died yet?

No. Now 62, he is alive and living in Los Angeles with his wife Suzi, and two sons. He is a Motivational Speaker, Broker and sells luxury homes and designs swimming pools. a (MORE)
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How many Olympic medals did Mark Spitz win?

Mark Spitz won 11 medals (9 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) in his Olympic career. He won four (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) at the 1968 Summer Games in Mexico City and seven (7 gold (MORE)

Who is Mark Spitz?

ok well the answer before was wrong he won 7 gold metals and phelps wanted to beat that reacord and get 8 gold medals and he did that's why people were making a big deal of (MORE)

Does mark Spitz have a job?

  Now a stockbroker and motivational speaker, Spitz also thinks he could have won eight golds himself in Munich if only he had had the chance.   Now a stockbroker and m (MORE)
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What is Mark Spitz best stroke?

He is good at all strokes but the best ones are freestyle and butterfly.Really a born champion
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Is Mark Spitz dead?

he is NOT dead. Mark Spitz is a motivational speaker and an Olympic swimmer who has won 7 gold medals in one Olympics. He was the first person ever to win 7 gold medals in one (MORE)

Where is Mark Spitz?

Mark Spitz was at one time a 9 time Olympic champion in swimming.  At the 1972 Summer Olympics, he won seven gold medals. He is  currently a motivational speak and corporate (MORE)

What records did Mark Spitz break?

A total of 7 records. These are: Men's 100 metre freestyle (long course). The record lasted from August 23, 1970 until June 21, 1975.Men's 200 metre freestyle (long course). (MORE)