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What is market share?

If you look at the attached link, you will see that Amazon is the most popular retail website in the United States with approximately 100 million monthly users. Apple, Walmart (MORE)
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What do you mean by PC in share market?

It stands for Percent (%), so when you hear something like "shares  have fallen by 20pc" it means the share prices have fallen by 20%

What is share market?

Answer   Companies raise capital money for running and expanding their businesses from the public and other institutions. They allot shares of the company to them in retu (MORE)

How do you purchase a share from the share market?

To Purchase or become a part of company first of all you need to find a broker ( a broker is a plat form which deals between company and an investor). Once you reached near br (MORE)

Absolute market share?

Absolute Share is per capita income. Relative Share is the ratio of the per capita income to the rest of society.
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What is the market share of shaving cream?

"Marketshare" means how many percent of a market is held by a particular product. For instance, if 100 pickups were sold in Elizabethtown, NC, last week and 22 of them were To (MORE)