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What is marketing?

My professor said that Marketing is "salesmanship in print."  Marketing is the art or science to gather, maintain and improve  profitable clients for one's company. Marketin (MORE)

What are factor markets and product markets?

Factor markets are markets for inputs into the workforce, such as  labor markets, land markets, and capital markets. They represent  items that are factors in the growth of (MORE)

What can be marketed?

marketable products as under Business Finance And Marketing. physical products: DVD player, motor cycle, ipods, cell phone, refrigerator, footwear, television, clothes etc (MORE)

What is capital market and money market?

What is capital market? Basically the capital market is a type of financial market, it includes the stocks and bonds market as well. But in general the capital market is the (MORE)

What is marketability?

Marketability refers to how well a company or product can be  advertised and sold. It forces a business owner to ask, what sets  him apart from the competition? What benefit (MORE)

What is marketing and marketing management?

Answer:   Before answering, lets distinguish the difference between marketing and sales.   Sales   Almost all sales is the process of convincing people, usually one (MORE)

How does marketing environment affect marketing?

The marketing environment has a number of elements that influence  the success or failure of a given marketing strategy. The elements  includes culture, demographics, econom (MORE)

What is market?

It is an interaction between buyers and sellers. A market system is  the network of buyers, sellers and other actors that come together  to trade in a given product or servi (MORE)

What are bull market and a bear market?

A bull market is considered to an optimistic period where investors  believe in the market's strength and fundamentals. This tends to  push the prices higher. It is generall (MORE)