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Where is the Marketplace on Neopets?

If you wish to find it yourself: Go to the "Shops" button on the main toolbar at the top of your page.Click the sign on the far left of the map that says "Neopian Bazaar," th (MORE)

Difference between a physical marketplace and an e-marketplace?

Physical marketplace; · Buyers and sellers meet together face to face · The market place is physical · The product and services are delivered physically · The market i (MORE)

What does the invisible hand in the marketplace do?

The invisible hand is a term coined by Adam Smith in the 1700s to describe the operation of free markets. The general idea is that individuals pursuing their own self interest (MORE)
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What is the collective noun for people in the marketplace?

The is no standard collective noun for people in a marketplace,  however, any noun that suits a situation can be used, even a  'marketplace of people'.    The collect (MORE)