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What is a fraze?

  Fraze: 1 a : a small milling cutter used to cut down the ends of canes or rods to receive a ferrule b : the end of a cane or rod shaped as if by a fraze 2 [2fraze] : t (MORE)
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Is the fraze a few information correct?

No, the correct phrase would be 'a little information' or 'a few pieces of information', or similar.    'Information' is not a countable noun, therefore you cannot talk (MORE)

How many acre in marla?

one acre how many marla? One acre = 8 kanals and 20 marlas in on Kanal, that means one acre = 160 marlas one acre = 43560 sq ft, / 160 marlas, 1 marla = 272.25 sq ft 1 kanal = (MORE)

How many sqft in 10 marla?

I think it is 90 sqft. Because my house is 8 marla and it is of 60 sqft and my friend live in house of 4 marla which is 30 sqft. still i ll advise you to confirm it. * * * * (MORE)
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Convert marla to yards?

  1 Marla     =     30.25 Sq: Yards = 25.2928 Sq: Metres = 272.25 Sq: Feet = 0.00625 Acre = 0.05 Kanal   Hopes this was helpful   Khurrum Bawani