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How do marlins communicate?

Marlins are a large breed of fish. There are a variety of thesefish that exist. Each fish tends to communicate by changing thecolor of their skin and through body motions when ( Full Answer )
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What do marlin eat?

marlin eat other big fish in the ocean such as tuna fish, whoppers, mac nameit burger, toast with peanut butter, large KFC chips and old granny pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What is the marlin 30TK?

It's a version of the Marlin 336 lever action rifle that was made for KMart back in the day.
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Can you eat marlin?

marlin are safe to eat, however they this is frowned upon as they are more known as a game fish and therefore generally released. It is also common for marlin to have worms t ( Full Answer )
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Where are marlin from?

Marlin are found in tropical waters all around the world off the coast of countries like the Bahamas, Bermuda, South America, Hawaii, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand and the nort ( Full Answer )
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Is a marlin a mammal?

yes in fact marlins are mammal-es they live in the ocean in groups known as pods
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Is there a Marlin 30.06?

Marlin does make a 30.06 as I own the XL7. This just came out in 2010 or 2011. As far as I'm concerned, a very good rifle at a reasonable price.
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What is a marlin medallion?

as coin thingy that allows you to get into the museam the medalion can be found in the water fountain you should see a sparkle and the medalion is the sparkly jump to it you g ( Full Answer )
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Are marlin kosher?

Blue marlin are kosher. I don't know about other species of marlin (black, white, striped, etc.)
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Is a marlin a carnivore?

Yes. The are carnivorous from the time they are hatched as larvae(eating zooplankton) to the time the reach full maturity and feedon a wide range of other fish.