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What is marmalade?

Marmalade is a sticky, usually orange fruit preserve which is similar to jam. It comes from the juice that is formed from boiling citrus fruits with sugar and water. It is of (MORE)

What is English marmalade?

Jammade from grapefruit, oranges and sugar. English marmalade differs from other marmalade's by using "Seville oranges" which have more pectin than sweet oranges.
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Why is marmalade called marmalade?

Because the Portuguese word for quince is 'marmela' (derived from the Greek 'meli-melo' meaning 'honey melon') and therefore the Portuguese for quince jelly is 'marmelada'. Qu (MORE)

What is marmalade made out of?

Marmalade is made from the rind of citrus fruits. There is orange, lemon, and lime marmalade. You could probably make grapefruit marmalade, too.
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Is marmalade healthy?

Marmalade is basically bits of citrus fruit rind in a jelly base. It can taste sweet or slightly bitter. It's as healthy as any other jelly or jam. Due to the sugar content li (MORE)

Who played the drums on lady marmalade?

"A childhood friend of mine named Jeffrey Shannon." Actually, I believe it was New Orleans drummer Herman V. Ernest. Allen Toussaint arranged the song and hired local musicia (MORE)