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How do you care for a marmoset?

Hi, depending on how old the baby is, you can e-mail me on and I can help you thru these difficult times. I have 2 marmosets of my own and have strugled a (MORE)

How do marmosets get there food?

Marmosets are highly active, living in the upper canopy of forest trees, and feeding on insects, fruit, small animals, and leaves. They have long lower incisors, which allow t (MORE)

How big do marmosets get?

There are many different species of marmosets, and they can rangein sizes. However, most species of marmoset are about 8 inches tallat adulthood.

What do marmosets eat?

Marmosets eat small insects, spiders, and small vertebrates. They could possibly eat eggs of birds high in the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest.

What is marmosets?

A marmoset is a small new-world monkey that lives in South America (primarily Brazil) and eats tree sap, insects, and fruit. They usually have a tail that is 10 inches long an (MORE)

Where do marmosets come from?

Marmosets as well as Pygmy Marmosets are located in South America. You can find them high up in the trees of the rain forest. For more information check out this webpage: (MORE)

Does a marmoset have a backbone?

Primates are all members of the Chordates (meaning they have a backbone and are therefore all vertebrates). A marmoset is a type of primate, ergo, it has a backbone or spine.