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What is the feminine gender of marquess?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for a male or a female. The noun for a male is male is marquess (or marquis); the nou (MORE)
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Who rules Israel?

israel is a state ran by democracy, which means theres a government, which in israel is called "the knesset", the highest rank in the israeli government is a prime minister, t (MORE)
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What is a centralised rule?

›A system by which a kingdom was ruled from the capital by a king while the rest of the kingdom followed his orders and laws . (From The Living Past)
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In the divisiblity rules what is the rule for 7?

use the tens place to multiply by 2, then use the number to  subtract the ones place.The answer can be divided by 7, if not it  will be 0.use 490 as an example.9x2=18.18-4=1 (MORE)
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How does one become a marquess?

No one might simply become a Marquess , they must give tremendous time to Her Majesty, The Queen of the  United Kingdom, Commonwealth realms and Crown dependencies.   (MORE)

What is a rule?

A rule is something that a group of people have to follow and is not enforced by police or government but may be enforced by a leader of a group.

What is legal rule?

All Executives have in varying capacity a rule making authority. Laws in general will stipulate a necessary outcome or the forbidding of an action. So how we enforce the law (MORE)

Who were the illegitimate children of Richard Marquess of Wellesley?

at least two JOHNSTON children.... one being his secretary at Dublin Castle.. Also elizabeth anne not to be confused with the recognised Anne. Elizabeth anne married george w (MORE)