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Is pig in marshmallows?

Gelatine is in marshmallows. Gelatine can be bovine (from cows) or porcine (from pigs); it is a gelling agent formed by boiling up the bones from pig or cow carcasses (but it (MORE)

Does marshmallows have meat in them?

Not meat, but they contain gelatin, an animal byproduct that is also present in meat. As almost all commercially available marshmallows contain gelatin, they cannot be consi (MORE)

Do marshmallows expire?

Yes, they have an expiration date, but they are still okay to eat after that. If they were really dangerous to eat, you would be able to tell: green slimy mold or furry fungu (MORE)

How do you make marshmallow cream from marshmallows?

What they say to do, is put a whole heap of marshmallows over the stove in a pot, and heat until it is melted. Another response: Use a Tablespoon of butter for every 2 cups (MORE)