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How do you eat marshmallows?

You can eat them plain, toasted, melted on a grill or fireplace, burnt, frozen, you name it.   You can also cook them. However, you do not want to cook too long. Example o (MORE)

Can you make marshmallow cream with marshmallows and how?

Marshmallows bought in bags as individual bits are made with gelatin so that they keep their shape; marshmallow fluff does not contain gelatin. If one were to attempt to mak (MORE)

How do you make marshmallow cream from marshmallows?

What they say to do, is put a whole heap of marshmallows over the stove in a pot, and heat until it is melted. Another response: Use a Tablespoon of butter for every 2 cups (MORE)

Why is a marshmallow a colloid?

A colloid is a mixture of tiny particles of pure substances that  disperse into a substance and do not settle over time. This means  that a marshmallow's tiny particles of p (MORE)

Is Marshmallow an herb?

It is a medicinal herb. For more information about this plant, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Links.
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