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Are marshmallows good for you?

Well, overall, marshmallows probably aren't good for you. They contain lots of sugar, and they are also un-vegetarian, as they contain Gelatin, which is made from bone tissue (MORE)

Do marshmallows get moldy?

The chemical makeup of marshmallows allow them to have a long shelf life, but if open they will get stail, hard, and not taste good. To answer your question no, they will not (MORE)

Who invented the marshmallow?

Answer   This is a 19th century innovation by a man named Doumak who patented the extrusion process (the manner in which they are made) in 1948.     Marshmallow (MORE)

Can you substitute marshmallow creme for marshmallows in rice krispie treats?

Sure, although the consistency is a bit softer. try setting them in  the fridge to get them to harden. deliciouso! MARSHMALLOW TREATS   5 c. Rice Krispies   1/4 c. bu (MORE)

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Why is a marshmallow a colloid?

A colloid is a mixture of tiny particles of pure substances that  disperse into a substance and do not settle over time. This means  that a marshmallow's tiny particles of p (MORE)