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How is martensite structure formed in steel?

Martensite transformation begins when austenite is cooled below a certain critical temperature, called the matrensite start temperature. As we go below the tmartensite start t ( Full Answer )
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Can martensitic steel be welded?

Yes it can but special procedures need to be followed. Namely preheating the piece, and post heating for a few hours. If this is not possible then you can use an austenitic ro ( Full Answer )
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Why martensite is so hard and brittle?

For two reasons: 1. martensite is bct structure which prevent the movement of dislocations. 2. martensite has higher carbon concentraton.
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Why martensite is harder then pearlite?

Because Martensite transformation is almost instantaneous,the Martensite has the identical composition of the parent phase.Formation of Martensite involves a transformation fr ( Full Answer )
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Why martensite has BCT structure?

when austenite change into martensite, change in the tempratureoccurs(cooling). Due to this thermal stress devlop between the coreand surface . Surface try to expand and core ( Full Answer )
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What are some uses for martensite?

Martensite is commonly used in machine parts and forging dies. In a crystalline structure, martensite can also be used in the formation of stainless steel.
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What is the etchant used to determine prior austenite grain size in quenched martensite phase?

Following up Martensite in the online encyclopedia, I see that the Widmanstatten pattern in meteorites is revealed by etching with nitric acid. It also informs, that this ( Full Answer )