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Who is Terri Copeland Pearson's birth mother?

I am Terri Copeland Pearson's mom. My first name is Sandy and when Kenneth and I married we were just out of high school. Though our marriage didn't make it through the trials (MORE)

What comes next Martha Abigail Martha and dolley?

Okay, you know that it is Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Martha Jefferson, and Dolley Madison. Well, next are Elizabeth Monroe, Louisa Adams, Rachel Jackson, Hannah Van Bur (MORE)

Where is marthas vineyard?

Its' the first island of the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts right next to Nantucket. I go there every summer. Answer II Martha's Vineyard is an island in Massachusetts, (MORE)
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Why does Stewart Copeland wear white gloves?

He wears the gloves to prevent blisters while playing. Many would say that his stick technique is wrong because of this but, I would not as I consider him one of the best ther (MORE)

What is the contribution of Herbert Copeland in field of taxonomy?

›In 1938, American biologist Herbert Copeland proposed a four-kingdom system. In addition to plants and animals, he elevated the prokaryotes to kingdom status and he argued t (MORE)
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Who is Saint Martha?

Martha was the sister of Mary Magdalene and Lazarus. We Know only what we read about her in the Gospels of Luke and John, We know that she busied herself preparing a meal (MORE)

Where did Adam Joseph Copeland get his nickname?

Because he is always living on the "Edge" and he wanted a different name for WWE so he picked "Edge".
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Is Kelly Copeland divorced?

As of June 2014, Kelly Copeland is divorced. Currently, she has  been married twice with both ending in divorce.
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