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How was Martin Luther King treated?

Dr. Martin Luther King jr. was honored in the African American  communities for his teachings and acts of braveness but outside of  these communities he was treated very vio (MORE)

Why was Martin Luther King jailed?

The reason why Dr Martin Luther King Jr went to jail for seven years was because he was leading a peaceful march and was arrested with other marchers. It was the Civil rights (MORE)

What was Martin Luther King famous for?

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a minister and one of the most influential civil rights activists or the 1960s. He led many civil rights protests and he's known for his speech, "I (MORE)

Martin Luther King III fan mail address?

  I would like contact informtion on how I can get Mr. King for a guest speaker for my agency's MLK's breakfast.   Eunice M. Polk   EEO Manager   Anniston Army D (MORE)

What did Martin Luther King jr do and how?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for equal rights for all people of every backround. The reason he is so unique is because he was non-violent in his goals. He earned the Nobe (MORE)

Who was Martin Luther King?

Martin Luther King isn't very well known, unlike his son, Martin Luther King Jr., who was a civil rights leader. Martin Luther King (Sr.) was a Baptist pastor, missionary, a (MORE)
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What did Martin Luther King fear?

His greatest fear was that he would not be able to make his dream  of equal rights become a reality. Among those fears was that there  would be no one to carry on his fight (MORE)