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What was Lisa lopes personality?

She was very outspoken, she was never afraid of speaking the truth or standing up for something she believed in and because of that she got respected by other rappers such as (MORE)

Is Lisa lopes dead?

yes she was on a honduran road and tried to pass another car but instead she swerved all the way off the road people say she did it on purpose but i dont think she did but anw (MORE)

How did Lisa Lopes become famous?

Lisa became famous by preforming in a group called TLC. I hope i answered your question!
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How did Lisa lope die?

Lisa died of a car accident. she was filming a documentary in la cieba Honduras. she accidentally hit a boy with the last name of Lopez. she died of an injury to her head. :(
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How did tupac and Lisa lopes meet?

Lisa met Tupac in 1991, when Tupac happened to be walking by a vending stand where a guy was airbrushing Lisa's picture onto one of the shirts. Tupac approached the guy and as (MORE)

Why did Lisa lopes die?

Lisa Lopes was killed in a car accident. If you google search or youtube her Roc Doc's debut "Last Days Of Left Eye" that aired on VH1 in late 2002- 2003, you will see where s (MORE)

Did Lisa lopes have a open casket?

It has not been reported whether or not singer Lisa Lopes had an  open casket at her funeral. It has been reported that many famous  people attended to say their final goodb (MORE)

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That's funny, because "Was ist das" means "What is that," so it sounds like you're asking "What is a that?" The word "das" in German is an article, the. Das Buch is the book (MORE)