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What killed marty robbins?

He had three heart attacks, in previous thirteen years, and was  having open heart surgery (probably by-pass) to improve chance of  living a longer life. In 1982, this was a (MORE)

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How old is Marty Robbins?

Marty Robbins was born on September 26, 1925 and died on December 8, 1982. Marty Robbins would have been 57 years old at the time of death or 89 years old today.
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Who voices Marty in Madagascar?

Chris Rock . Chris Rock . Chris Rock (also narrates in the show "Everybody Hates Chris") the young gentlemen plays Chris Rock's life and his real name is Tyler James Willi (MORE)

Who was Jose Marti?

Jose Marti is considered one of the great writers of the Hispanic  world. His significance for the American Reader, however, stems  from the universality and timelessness of (MORE)
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Is marti pellow married?

no marti pellow is not married but he has been with the same girlfriend since the early 1990's whom he lives with in surrey, england.
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