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What is martyrdom?

Martyrdom, in its traditional sense, refers to the death of someone because of his or her religious beliefs. The term is most commonly used for the early Christians, but also (MORE)

Why did Christians choose martyrdom?

  We didn't choose martyrdom. In the early days of Christians, Christians were persecuted because of their beliefs. Since they wouldn't give up their beliefs, they were ki (MORE)

What is the meaning of martyrdom?

  Martyrdom is defined as extreme suffering of any kind. A martyr is a person that has suffered harshly for a belief and thus because they have usually died for their beli (MORE)

Theme of martyrdom in murder in the cathedral?

After productions of Everyman and Dr. Faustus, the people of the Canterbury Drama Festival turned to living poets to create their next plays. The first of these commissions ha (MORE)

Is there Christian martyrdom in todays society?

Since the American Revolution, the idea of freedom of religion has gradually become more popular and more widespread. Wars today are more likely to be over territory than over (MORE)

Secularization controversy and the martyrdom of the gomburza?

The Secularization of Priests During Spanish Period The Opening of the Suez Canal The Suez Canal, which connected the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, was inaugurated in (MORE)
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What is martyrdom of husayn?

Husayn was the grandson of prophet and in Shia Islam considered the second infallible Imam after Ali (PBUH). Yazid was the Islamic Caliph (King) of that time and did not res (MORE)