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What is the meaning of martyrdom?

  Martyrdom is defined as extreme suffering of any kind. A martyr is a person that has suffered harshly for a belief and thus because they have usually died for their beli (MORE)

In The Time of The Butterflies what does Jaimito mean by This is your martyrdom to be alive without them?

When Jaimito says this to Dede, he is talking about how her sisters contributed to the revolution and rebelled against the government while Dede did not help. But Dede was the (MORE)

Secularization controversy and the martyrdom of the gomburza?

The Secularization of Priests During Spanish Period The Opening of the Suez Canal The Suez Canal, which connected the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, was inaugurated in (MORE)

What is martyrdom?

Martyrdom, in its traditional sense, refers to the death of someone because of his or her religious beliefs. The term is most commonly used for the early Christians, but also (MORE)

What emperor issued a decree that to be a Christian was punishable by death resulting in the martyrdom of Saint Ignatius of Antioch?

A:   According to Christian tradition, Saint Ignatius of Antioch was  martyred in 117 CE, during the reign of Emperor Trajan, or perhaps  Emperor Hadrian. To some extent (MORE)