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Who is Adam Cartwright?

  He is one of the original characters in the television show, "Bonanza". The part was played by Pernell Roberts. Roberts is the only surviving member of the original cast (MORE)

What is the surname of Cartwright?

The mighty Anglo-Saxon tribes who once ruled all of Britain  originally bestowed the proud, occupationally-derived English  surname of Cartwright upon a person who was a mak (MORE)

What was ben cartwright horse name?

  his Name was BUCK.Ben rides a "buckskin" or "dun"; that's the horse's coloring: golden brown with a black mane and tail. As for what breed, I can only guess but from the (MORE)

Did any of the Cartwrights boys marry?

The Cartwright men were incredibably unlucky at love, repeatedly. Little Joe did get married, season 14, but of course she met with a terrible end, as all the women on the Pon (MORE)

Why did the Cartwrights never marry?

Some of them did. Ben Cartwright was married three times, all three wives met with misfortune and died. All the Cartwright men planned to marry at one time or another but only (MORE)

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