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Was Angela Cartwright on TV?

Yes, she was on "Make Room for Daddy", "Lost in Space", and "Make room for Granddaddy". She guest starred on "The Love Boat", "Airwolf", "The Dinah Shore Chevy Show", "Logan's (MORE)

What did cartwrights do in the middle ages?

A cartwright made (in Old English "wrought") carts, which have only two wheels - wagons have four and are generally much larger. The cartwright might make the wheels himself (MORE)

What is the surname of Cartwright?

The mighty Anglo-Saxon tribes who once ruled all of Britain  originally bestowed the proud, occupationally-derived English  surname of Cartwright upon a person who was a mak (MORE)

Did hoss cartwright have any children?

Hoss Cartwright was the name of a fictional character on the TV show Bonanza. Hoss was not married and did not have children. He was played by actor Dan Blocker who along with (MORE)

What was the cartwright' s job in medieval times?

A cartwright was a craftsman who built carts for a living. The main elements were the floor of the cart and the two wheels - in the 12th century in England these always had 8 (MORE)
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What is Nancy Cartwright known for?

Nancy Cartwright is known for her long standing role as Bart on the Simpsons. She is also a comedian and a voice artist. She also voices other characters of the show.
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