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Does Mary Lou retton have brothers and sisters?

Yes, Mary Lou has brothers and sisters. She has three brothers and one sister. Her brother's names are Ronnie Retton, Donnie Retton, and Jerry Retton. Her sister's name is Sha (MORE)

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How many medals did Mary Lou retton win?

She won 5 Olympic medals in gymnastics ... a gold in individual all-around, silver in team all-around and horse vault, and bronze in floor exercise and uneven bars, all at the (MORE)

Where did Mary Lou Retton grow up?

Mary Lou Retton grew up in Fairmont West Virginia and did gymnastics at a college
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Who are Mary Lou rettons siblings?

She has three brothers Ronnie Retton, Donnie Retton, and Jerry Retton and one sister, Shari Retton.
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Does Mary Lou Retton shave?

Since she was in the spotlight at an early age, any unwanted hair is probably long gone & not necessary.
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Who sings hello Mary Lou?

  Hello Mary Lou was originally preformed by Ricky Nelson.   It has also been covered by The Seekers, Led Zeppelin, The Statler Brothers, Queen and Creedence Clearwater (MORE)