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Is Mary Magdalene the mother of Jesus?

No. Mary Magdalene was a follower of Jesus Christ. His mother was usually referred to as Mary the Mother of Jesus, or the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The mother of Jesus (MORE)
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When did Saint Mary Magdalene live?

St Mar Magdalene was born in early 1st century AD. She died in mid to late 1st century AD.
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Is Mary Magdalene Jesus' sister?

No. Additional information: It really depends on what is meant by the term 'sister'. Jesus indicated that ANY who serve God with him are his 'brother, sister, mother' SPIR (MORE)

Was Mary Magdalene Jewish?

Mary Magdalene was born into a Jewish family, but as a follower of  Jesus, she eventually became one of the first Christians.

Why did Mary Magdalene have a surname?

Technically, she didn't. Magdalene is simply a word meaning that she was from the town of Magdala. It was not her surname. That is, however, how many surnames started. They we (MORE)

What was Mary Magdalene to Jesus?

History is not really clear as to her role in the life of Jesus.  But it does seem that she was a devoted follower that seemed to  travel with him at times. The idea that th (MORE)

Is there a Gospel according to Mary Magdalene?

Yes. There are three partial manuscripts of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. The oldest extant manuscript is from the third century. Estimates of the date of authorship vary from (MORE)

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