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What were Mary Wollstonecraft contributions to the world?

She started a feminst movement which urged more people to stand up  and speak up about women and children's rights, slavery, monarchy,  abortion, and other things too (mainl (MORE)

What were Mary wollstonecraft main ideas?

Essentially, that women should have the same legal status & rights as men. She did not accept the legitimacy of female subordination to men, & argued forcefully that girls sho (MORE)

What did Sacajewea have in common with Mary Wollstonecraft?

well Mary wollstonecraft was a very important women during the industrial revolution. She was a feminist and a writer. Some of her more famous books or document was a document (MORE)

Why is mary wollstonecraft famous?

Mary Wollstonecraft was a feminist writer and intellectual who  advocated for equal rights for women. She died ten days after the  birth of her daughter, Mary. Mary would gr (MORE)

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How did Mary wollstonecraft ideas spread?

Hi I am happy to answer your question.    Mary Wollstonecraft was known as a 18th century English  feminist. She published multiple books and writings on her  theorie (MORE)