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What happened at Masada?

Some rebels from the great revolt in 135 C.E. against the Romans fled there. The Romans started beseiging them. Because of the inaccesablity of Massada, the Romans started to (MORE)

Did Cleopatra visit masada?

Probably not. Masada was built by Herod the Great between the years 37 and 31 BC. Now, even though Cleopatra visited Herod shortly before her overthrow, its unlikely that Hero (MORE)

What was the siege of masada about?

Answer 1 The seige of masada was about a war and the seige of masada startedin 73 AD and lasted about 4-3 months its a fact Answer 2 The Siege at Masada was the final batt (MORE)
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Facts about masada?

Masada is located on the Dead Sea shore in India. Some factsinclude that a famous epic was written about Masada by a Hebrewpoet in the 1920's and it is currently a popular tou (MORE)

What is the age of the CZ Masada pistol?

The CZ-75 compact(which the Masada is)was first made in 1993.It wassaid that these were first made for the Isreali Mossad?I cannotconfirm this.So we are looking at 1993-2015.