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What is Stanfords mascot?

Stanford's "mascot" is the color Cardinal. The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band's (LSJUMB) mascot is the tree. Each individual selected by the band to be tree (MORE)

What is Portugals mascot?

Portugal doesn't have any official mascot, but Galo de Barcelos which means Barcelos Rooster is usually used as a symbol of Portugal. Barcelos is a Portuguese city and its pop (MORE)

What is the mascot and cheerleader?

The mascot is the person who dresses up as the team's symbol (ex: tiger, indian, bear, etc.)The cheerleader is the one who cheers and pumps up the crowd on the sidelines durin (MORE)
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What are the CFL mascots?

the CFL mascots are: BC: Leo the Lion Edmonton: Punter and Nanook Calgary: Ralph the Dog Saskatchewan: Gainer the Gopher Winnepeg: Buzz and Boomer Toronto: Jason (the Argonau (MORE)

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What is Stanford's mascot?

they are the Stanford cardinal (as in the color) but their mascot is a tree
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What is the dodgers mascot?

The Dodgers do not officially have a mascot. They a costumed  baseball player with a very large head which roams the stadium, but  it isn't a mascot according to their marke (MORE)

What is the importance of the mascot?

A mascot is supposed to:Encourage the teamExcite the crowdGive the fans an icon to relate to the team
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What is the Russia mascot?

On Monday, three years from the start of the first Winter Olympics to ever be held in Russia, organizers announced the 11 characters that could become the mascot of the Sochi (MORE)