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What is Kentucky's Mascot?

If you are talking about the University of Kentucky, its the wildcats If your talking about the state there are many like the grey squirrel, thoroughbreds, Kentucky bass, ect.

Do the Patriots have a mascot?

The Patriots mascot is named Pat Patriot. Click on the 'Pat Patriot' link on this page to see a picture of 'him'.
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What is Australia's mascot?

If you mean the national animal, then unofficially it is the kangaroo. Australia has no mascot, but has used different animals as mascots for the Olympic and Commonwealth Gam (MORE)

How did the colts get their mascot?

  It all started in a small log barn in Southern Indiana where BLUE was born in a town called Jockey. He grew up on a large farm and was groomed by his owners to be a race (MORE)
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What is the UCSF mascot?

UCSF's mascot is the bear. But a much more nurturing, sensitive one than the brute at Cal
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Is their a mascot for Kwanzaa?

Yes actually. The most known mascot for Kwanzaa would be the Black Candle and his sidekick, the Kwanzaa Sock. They do battle with the infamous Kwanzaa Sage, who steals their c (MORE)

What is a cartoon mascot?

A cartoon mascot is often adopted , for good luck , by sports teams and military units , for example , Snoopy was adopted by the USAF 20th and 21st Tactical Air Support Squadr (MORE)