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What is a mascot?

A mascot is someone inspirational that is on the sideline or at court side in a event. He/she is basically cheering for it's hoe team.
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What are mascots?

Mascots are something like a bird and are used to advertise the the brand name in puiblic. They are also used for good luck. .
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What is the mascot and cheerleader?

The mascot is the person who dresses up as the team's symbol (ex: tiger, indian, bear, etc.) . The cheerleader is the one who cheers and pumps up the crowd on the sidelines d ( Full Answer )
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What is the rensselaer mascot?

In 1995, the Red Hawk was adopted as an official Rensselaer mascot. Athletic teams such as basketball, baseball, softball and soccer have adopted this as their team name. Othe ( Full Answer )
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What is the importance of the mascot?

A mascot is supposed to: . Encourage the team . Excite the crowd . Give the fans an icon to relate to the team
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Who is the Richmond mascot?

The Richmond Spiders recently held a fan vote to update the look of the mascot, and suggest a name (he was previously unnamed). On May 13, 2011, the University of Richmond an ( Full Answer )
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What is SU's mascot?

They changed their name from the Orangemen to the Orange a few years ago. Their mascot is Otto. He is at sprots game, and is a giant orange.
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How can you be the mascot?

Simple act crazy have fun dance be stupid and in return you will be the best mascot a person could be!
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How do you get to be a mascot?

well, you try out with all the hot cheerleaders and then hopefully you become one! also if you do make sure you get to see the cheerleaders with their tops off :P