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What is masochism?

Masochism means deriving pleasure from receiving pain. (The term was coined in 1886 by Richard Krafft-Ebing, who named itafter Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, without asking the l ( Full Answer )
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Where did the word masochism come from?

From the private life, and sexual preferences, of the Austrian writer and journalist Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. See the Wikipedia article here: ( Full Answer )
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Is there a cure for masochism?

\n. \nNo, there is no know cure for masochism.\n \nMasochism isn't a disease, it's a paraphilia, which simply means it's a sexual practise outside the norm. According to th ( Full Answer )
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Is masochism common?

Yes, but not severe masochism ------------------------ i would say yes, seeing as my two closest friends and myself are coincidentally masochistic (we didn't meet at som ( Full Answer )
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Is masochism pleasurable?

Yes, by definition. A masochist is someone who experiences pleasure (sexual or otherwise) from some kinds of pain or humiliation. Most masochists also experience the physica ( Full Answer )
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What is sado-masochism?

A form of perversion marked by enjoyment of cruelty and/or humiliation in its received or active and/or dispensed and passive form. It is named for the Marquis de Sade of Fra ( Full Answer )
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What causes masochism?

So what will change if you get the answer to this? There are probably as many answers to this as there are masochists. Somehow, a link develops between pain and sexual arou ( Full Answer )
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Is masochism a mental illness?

No. its often a sexual act, receiving pleasure in pain, and allowing someone else to infect that pain is often in itself a release. masochism are consenting adults who willing ( Full Answer )
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What is sadiam and masochism?

sadism is the enjoyment of inflicting abuse onto another, masochism is the enjoyment of receiving abuse, (i for one am a masochist)
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What is the definition of masochism?

To get excitement from gaining or giving pain. . To get pleasure from gaining or giving pain.