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Merits demerits of mass media?

Media plays a very significant role in our society. Media starts from the show we watch on TV to the books , magazines and news papers. Without media people in the society wou (MORE)

What is mass media spin?

Reporter's or source's bias portrayal. Truth is not a requirement. Creative presentation by selectively presenting facts to support ideal positions. Also cherry picking.

How is mass media bad for us?

Mass media is a means to reach many millions of people through something such as television, radio, the internet, or other technologies. This ability can potentially be abused (MORE)

What are niche media mass media and addressable media?

Niche media is known as narrowcasting and it is information aimed at a narrow audience such as an ad addressed towards teens and children. Mass media is information addressed (MORE)

What is Verifiability in mass media research?

Verifiability in mass media research is complex; what shouldn't ever be done is to try to judge the verifiability of research by any one factor alone. Research itself can be (MORE)

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How does gatekeepers work in the mass media?

Gatekeeping involves changing or altering communication. But there are many different kinds of gatekeepers-- some are harmless and unbiased, while others are more sinister. (MORE)