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What are the functions of mass media in an election?

Ideally, the role of the mass media in an election should be to  present the facts about the candidates, and to help the voters to  understand the candidates' positions on i (MORE)

Significance of mass media?

Mass media are various forms of communication in which we receive  information, such as the television, radio, newspapers and the  internet. It is essential in promoting pub (MORE)

Origin of mass media in nigeria?

Henry Townsend established the first newspaper in 1859 which became  the origin of mass media. In Africa, Nigeria has the largest and  most free speaking press.

What are the kinds of mass media?

Kinds of mass media are divide in two. first electronic media and printed media. the example of electronic media is : 1. Computer 2.Television. And the example of printed medi (MORE)

What is the impact of mass media on culture?

The mass media have greatly affected the culture of many countries-- some people would say the effect has been negative, but for the most part, the mass media are an essential (MORE)
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What are the goals and objective of mass media?

The goals n objectives of mass media to aware the people of remote area as well as to make a public facilitator of medias
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Are values affected by mass media?

Yes it is affected because the media influences everyone in today's society. We believe in what we see and so if the media shows us something then we tend to believe in it bec (MORE)