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What is a massacre?

A "massacre" is an event where many people are killed indiscriminately. A massacre is a slaughter of many people in the same type of religious group or race.
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Was the Boston massacre really a massacre?

The Boston Massacre was not really a massacre. It was a riot turned out of control. Less than 10 British soldiers who were trying to uphold the law were surrounded by a mob of ( Full Answer )
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Why was the Boston Massacre called a massacre?

The Boston massacre was when the colonist were calling the red coats lobster backs and the Commander there said do not fire their guns but the did not hear it right so there w ( Full Answer )
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Who did the massacreing?

Since you did not tell WHERE or WHEN you are asking about, no one can answer this question.
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Why was the Boston Massacre a massacre?

Well technically it wasnt a massacre, but it was because the British troops fired and killed 5 colonists. If you look at the picture of the Boston Massacre Paul Revere drew it ( Full Answer )
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Boston massacre was a massacre or a riot?

it was a massacre and a riot because the boys came and started to make fun of a British red coat and that is a British soldier. the
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Why was the Boston massacre called a 'massacre'?

It was propaganda. Paul Revere engraved the picture with the British soldiers firing on the innocent crowd to revive anti-British feelings. His efforts were not successful. Mo ( Full Answer )
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What was the massacre about?

The Coniston massacre , which took place from 14 August to 18 October 1928 near the Coniston cattle station, Northern Territory , Australia , was the last known massacre ( Full Answer )