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How do you massage?

Massage is probably as old as the human race. Every culture on the planet has some history related to the practice of massage. So from that point of view, it is easy to unders ( Full Answer )
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How do you have a massage?

This is an expert and make sure to check on the background of the establishment you're calling. If you want a certified masseuse, call Massage on the Go. At least ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get a massage?

It depends on where you are. Massage can be as close by as next door, if you live in Thailand. Or it can be in a spa or massage establishment, as in the US. The best way to fi ( Full Answer )
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What about massage using massage kits?

It all depends on your intentions. Massage kits are usually designed for inexperienced people to be introduced to massage and generally are targeted for couples. A professiona ( Full Answer )
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What do massage therapist massage?

Massage therapists massage the body using a wide variety of techniques that involve light and deep pressure and sometimes energy. A standard massage includes the face, scal ( Full Answer )
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What are the names of the massages that the massage therapist do to you?

There are so many different types of massage. The most basic type of massage is a Swedish massage. Swedish massage is a light pressure relaxation massage using wide, flat stro ( Full Answer )
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When not to have a massage?

There are a million things you shouldn't do while having a massage. Or while your getting one.
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How do you get massage?

You can go to a massage expert such as Massage on the Go to see what quality massage feels like. Whatever you do, whether you choose to go to a spa or have the service done at ( Full Answer )
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Who can get massage?

Although there is no minimum age as such, I recommend that anyoneunder 16 should receive consent from an adult who has parentalrights. That person should be in the room whilst ( Full Answer )