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Are massage therapy schools beneficial?

Massage therapy schools let you learn a new skill set which may lead to a new career path. You may also learn some new things about your body and how to help yourself.
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When is massage therapy a contraindication for arthritis?

Only massage in which the therapist is applying deep pressure or compression to the arthritic joints would be contraindicated. Stretching arthritic joints into painful or stre (MORE)

What is Neuromuscular Massage Therapy?

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) was made popular by Paul St. John and it is a massage modality that focuses on the treatment of trigger points. They are called trigger points bec (MORE)

What industry is massage therapy in?

Massage Therapy is considered part of the Health Industry, even as an alternative health. They follow the same regulations as doctors, chiropractors and nurses, called the RHP (MORE)

What is the range of a massage therapy salary?

The range of salary for a message therapist would depend on one's location. For example on the Indeed website one can find a variety of job listing for a message therapist in (MORE)