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Has anyone climbed mount Vinson Massif?

Yes, a significant number of people have successfully reached the summit of Vinson. It is one of the "seven summits" (the highest mountain on each of the seven continents); mo (MORE)

Why is centralized federalism called centralized?

Centralized government was a time period when the national government decided to stop helping out on a domestic level with policy making. Instead it set goals for states on a (MORE)

What is Centralized?

A centralized bank is one that controls the distribution of money  over a wide area. In the US, for example, the Federal Reserve  distributes all of the money used in countr (MORE)

How do you get to Central Park from grand central?

Grand Central Station is at the corner of 42nd St and Park Ave, in  Manhattan. To get to Central Park a person would simply go west two  blocks to Madison St and then go Nor (MORE)