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What is a master?

There are numerous meanings for the word "master" and "masters". Here are a few examples, but this list can be expanded further. . One of the original meanings of Master wa (MORE)

What is the opposite of master?

The opposite gender of "master" (Mr.) would be mistress (Miss). The opposite status of master could be servant, or slave. The opposite of master meaning an expert or sk (MORE)

What are masters?

Typically, there are four levels of college degrees. They are: . Associates . Bachelors . Masters . Doctorate. . The associates and bachelors are referred to as undergr (MORE)

Who is the Master in Megaman?

The Master was the human in charge of Elyssium, the giant space station. Long ago, the Master asked Megaman to take him to Terra (the Earth) to see how humans lived. After a r (MORE)

What is master hands master plan?

Master Hand was controlled by Tabuu the whole time (like a puppet), so his plan was to consume the majority of the land using atomic bombs that were activated by ROBs so he co (MORE)

Who was master roshi's master?

Master Roshi and Master Shin were both students of Master Mutaito. He tried to defeat King Piccolo, but failed. He then confronted King Piccolo again, and with the help of Ros (MORE)