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Before becoming a master craftsman?

There were two stages of guild membership before becoming a master. The first stage was apprenticeship. An apprentice was a young person who was training in a particular trade (MORE)

How did a person become a master craftsman in the age of guilds?

To become a master in a guild, a person became an apprentice, usually at about the age of seven. After a long apprenticeship, a person became a journeyman, who worked at the t (MORE)

Are craftsman mowers made by husqvarna?

I just happened to be browsing the web for the same answer and just found this: "American Yard Products produces mowers and other power equipment for : Craftsman Wizard, H (MORE)
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What is a master?

There are numerous meanings for the word "master" and "masters". Here are a few examples, but this list can be expanded further. One of the original meanings of Master was to (MORE)

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