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How old is your craftsman saw 103.22161?

It's from the early '50s. Do a web search on that model number, and you'll find lots of informatoin on it. I recently met a man who's father built the cabinets for one entire (MORE)

Who makes craftsman riding mowers?

Sears riding mowers are supplied by MTD, Husqvarna, Murray, Snapper and Simplicity. The manufacturer can be determined by the first three digits of the full model number. 24 (MORE)
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Where are craftsman tools made?

A full 80 percent of the Craftsman line is produced in the United States. The exceptions are tape measures, which come from the Dominican Republic, while Craftsman shovels and (MORE)

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How did a person become a master craftsman in the age of guilds?

To become a master in a guild, a person became an apprentice, usually at about the age of seven. After a long apprenticeship, a person became a journeyman, who worked at the t (MORE)

Are craftsman mowers made by husqvarna?

I just happened to be browsing the web for the same answer and just found this: "American Yard Products produces mowers and other power equipment for : Craftsman Wizard, H (MORE)
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What is a master?

There are numerous meanings for the word "master" and "masters". Here are a few examples, but this list can be expanded further. One of the original meanings of Master was to (MORE)