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How do you get a mastery gift?

If by "mastery gift" you mean "Mistery Gift," then go to any PokeMart in Pokemon Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen, and talk to the questionnaire at the counter near the guy. Inp (MORE)

What is sentence mastery?

A sentence mastery is a sentence-combining approach. A sentence must have a verb agreement and to make it a sentence mastery you may to use some prepositions or conjuctions, u (MORE)

What does mastery mean?

Mastery is the commitment to the ongoing evolution of skill and wisdom in an area of thought or activity through practice, contemplation, application and exploration.
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What is personal mastery?

Personal Mastery is the art of unbiased systematic thoughts and actions leading optimization in living and the best possible outcome given the circumstances -K.Kuszniryk

What is mastery test?

Students are generally given tests to assess their level of comprehension or abilities, where the students' skill sets are measured on a range of 0 to 100 percent. A mastery t (MORE)

Where you can see your mastery points in Farmville?

Go to the market just as though you're buying seeds to plant. Under the crop name and picture, you'll see the 3 stars that indicate your mastery level, if any. Under those sta (MORE)

How do you spell masteries?

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "masteries" but itis rare to see the noun mastery (complete control or knowledge)used as a plural. The word sought might be the (MORE)