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How do you activate a mastery in a game on league of legends?

You have to choose your masteries before the game starts, in champion select. Do you mean to place a point in a mastery tree, or activate a page of masteries before a game? (MORE)

What is sentence mastery?

  A sentence mastery is a sentence-combining approach. A sentence must have a verb agreement and to make it a sentence mastery you may to use some prepositions or conjucti (MORE)

What are the final mastery test vocabulary level c answers?

Ok, so you're in luck I got a teachers book with all the right answers, i can promise you this, if you write down the these answers 96% of them are correct so here they are. (MORE)
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What is personal mastery?

Personal Mastery is the art of unbiased systematic thoughts and actions leading optimization in living and the best possible outcome given the circumstances -K.Kuszniryk

How do you use mastery in a sentence?

Bruce Lee had a mastery of many forms of martial arts. Linguistics professors must have a mastery of all common words in English.
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