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Can you drink expired matcha powder?

Yes, expired matcha is perfectly safe to drink. The only reason it has an expiration date is that it goes stale fairly quickly. However, this doesn't negatively affect the pow (MORE)
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Does Matcha have caffeine?

Matcha tea, as a green tea, contains small levels of caffeine. The ratio is about 35mg of caffeine per 1g of matcha tea. Unlike caffeine in coffee, this is absorbed slowly int (MORE)

Can you grind green tea to make matcha powder?

No, in general, you cannot make matcha just by grinding up green tea into powder. Matcha is not just any powdered green tea, it is a specific type of green tea made by a par (MORE)
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What type of tea is Matcha?

Matcha, the type of tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony, is a powdered green tea. More specifically, it as a Japanese green tea, and it is most similar to Gyokuro. Like gyok (MORE)