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What are material resources?

The definition of material resources is assets that are in the form  of material possessions. They can also be the supplies that are  used to fulfill a task. Material resour (MORE)

What is delron material?

I'm not aware of a material named "Delron", but there is a material called "Delrin" which is a brand name for an acetal polyoxymethylene resin owned by DuPont. It is a hard r (MORE)

What is WCB material?

WCB stands for "Wrought Carbon" with Grade B. There are 3 kinds of Grade; A,B & C which define the ductility & tensile strength. Grade B has very good ductility & tensile (MORE)

What is a ferrous material?

  A ferrous material is one which is a bivalent iron compound.   It is more common to refer to materials as non-ferrous - i.e metals that do not contain iron.   Ferr (MORE)
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What is ASB material?

Combines the strenght and rigidity acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of polybutadiene rubber.
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What is a prose materials?

In terms of literature, I've always thought of prose materials as that of novels or stories. Although it can be non fiction and prose may be found in drama and poetry, for exa (MORE)

What material is toxic and what material is hazardous?

Toxic materials are things that can cause ill health of some sort. Hazardous materials are materials that can cause any sort of undesired effect - catch on fire, explode, corr (MORE)
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What is the hardness of a material?

The hardness of a material is its resistance to deformation, or to being scratched or deformed. Often just referring to the surface of the substance. There are several metho (MORE)