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What is material?

material could be cloth satin leather wood wool and so much more but it is uesed for making things e.g clothes
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What are materials?

Basically any physical thing than can be combined or made into another physical thing is a material. Just looking around my desk, plastic is a common material in my phone and ( Full Answer )
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What is a material?

The word "material" refers to those such "things" consisting of matter that can be physically touched, held, manipulated, e.t.c..
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Which materials are magnetic materials?

In general only the ferrite group : iron, nickel, cobalt. Other material may be alloyed with these, but the ferrite group isessential.
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What are raw materials and processed materials?

Raw materials are materials that have been harvested from the earth. Lumber, metal ores, and grain are all examples of raw materials. Processed materials are materials which ( Full Answer )
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What is the material?

acummulator can we use filter dryer.. we have about 20 scroll compressor already damage the orbiting and fix scroll vane, we want to know what action to be done.
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Material science and strength of materials?

material science is a big world that if understand some aspect of it, you will love it. in this world you can find many interesting aspect that encourage you to think about th ( Full Answer )
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Is raw material Direct Material?

the cost of direct materials which can be easily identified with the unit of production. For example, the cost of glass is a direct materials cost in light bulb manufacturing. ( Full Answer )