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How do you spell materials?

That is the correct spelling of the plural form word "materials". The related word from French, materiel (matériel) is usually applied to military equipment.
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What material is toxic and what material is hazardous?

Toxic materials are things that can cause ill health of some sort. Hazardous materials are materials that can cause any sort of undesired effect - catch on fire, explode, corr (MORE)

What is print material?

Print media is any printed source of information including  newspapers and magazines. One of the oldest examples of print media  is the first English language daily newspape (MORE)
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How can materials be classified?

Materials can be classified according to their size, shape, texture, colours, flexibility,strength, hardness, malleable and whether they are a good conductor or bad conductor (MORE)

What materials are bulletproof?

There are many materials with bullet proof properties including  Kevlar, Lexan, Titanium, Steel and Carbon Composites.   Keep in mind that "bullet-proof" is a relative te (MORE)
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What materials are in eyeliner?

Just some of the ingredients of eyeliner from one well-known   brand include: propylene glycol; triethanolamine; oleyl alcohol,   magnesium aluminum silicate, glycer (MORE)