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Who administers matrimony?

A deacon, priest or bishop. Roman Catholic Answer In the Catholic church the man and woman getting married administer the sacrament to each other, the priest, deacon or ( Full Answer )
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What is the sacrament of matrimony?

A celebration of the union of a man and woman who freely give themselves to each other in a lifelong covenant love
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What are the symbols of matrimony?

Matrimony is a part of the sacraments of "Commitment". It is when a couple commit to one another. Rings
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How do you contact matrimonial?

You may get advantage of free contact details of bride and groom given by Indian matrimonial site
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What is bannes of matrimonies?

You get banned by a moderator when you do something ban on club penguin like if you cuss.
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What is the symbols of matrimony?

Sacred Scripture begins with the creation of man and\nwoman in the image and likeness of God and concludes with a vision of\n"the wedding-feast of the Lamb." Scripture speaks\ ( Full Answer )
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Matrimony in a sentence?

I just don't feel financially secure enough to consider matrimony. Matrimony is a very serious proposition.
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What does matrimonial portal do?

Matrimonial Portal act as a bridge in finding the suitable partner for the people, they help in finding the right person for the marriage,they have set of algorithm which help ( Full Answer )
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What is Matrimonial Consent?

It means that when making a decison to marry that you know what your getting inself into and that you agree
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How do you unsubsribe from matrimony?

If you have created any account in online matrimony site, then you can login to your account and click unsubscribe option or send a mail to admin about unsubscribing your prof ( Full Answer )