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Mathematics an example of mathematical proof?

A mathematical proof is a process that combines statements we know  to be true to show something else must be true. Basically, it's  just a way of saying something is true, (MORE)

What is mathematics for?

A lot of things. For example: partial differential equations are used to find weak points in aircraft before they fly, group theory is used to encrypt data over the internet, (MORE)

How do you get an A in mathematics?

Study hard.Try not to make careless mistakes.Ask the teacher for help if you need it, that is what they're there for!Engage in class, show your teacher you engage and pay atte (MORE)
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What is audible matrix?

When you are between 2 difference pieces of appliances or electronics emitting a white noise and your brain tries to make sense or order out of it by creating words that were (MORE)

What is matrix in mathematics?

A matrix is a field of numbers with rows and columns (see example below). They can reperesent many different things and have numerous applications, especially in computer scie (MORE)
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What can you get with a mathematics AS?

Generally, to get many jobs, all you need is a GCSE in mathematics and English - however depending on the job, other people are likely to be more qualified... An AS level in m (MORE)