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What type of art did Roberto Matta produce?

Roberto Matta was a famous Chilean artist who specialized in abstract and surrealist artwork. He painted on various media such as ceramic, canvas and photography

What actors and actresses appeared in La voglia matta - 1962?

The cast of La voglia matta - 1962 includes: Edy Biagetti Orfeo Bregliozzi Donatella Ferrara Jimmy Fontana as Boy Friend Nino Fuscagni Gianni Garko as Piero Franco Giacobini a (MORE)

What has the author Roberto da Matta written?

Roberto da Matta has written: 'Tocquevilleanas' -- subject(s): Social life and customs, Brazilians 'Eagles, donkeys and butterflies' -- subject(s): Bullfights, Social aspe (MORE)