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What does not have matter?

1) light 2) heat 3) sound 4) energy *Note: Air dose have matter because if you blow air into a balloon it gets bigger
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What has no matter?

A true vacuum, which is difficult to create, is a space where thereis nothing. AN ordinary vacuum flask has "almost" a vacuum betweenits mirrored glass surfaces, but no matter ( Full Answer )
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What is matter?

In general, matter is anything that has mass and occupies space . That is a simplistic definition,but it is a great place to start in understanding the world aroundyou. ( Full Answer )
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Where is matter?

Matter is everywhere. It is surrounding everything. Everything is made up of matter. It is either a solid, a liquid, or a gas.
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Matter can be a?

anything.. like its all the particles around us the three main things are gases liquuids and people lol jks solids
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What is of matter?

Matter is anything that takes up space and has mass. If you want to know more, ask a different question.
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What does matter do?

matter is anything that takes up space and has mass.It can be solid,liquid,or gas.The building blocks of matter are tiny particles called atoms.
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Why is there matter?

because without matter we wouldn't be created no animals no living there would only be nothing
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What is matter-?

Matter is physical substance in general(in physics) that whichoccupies space and possesses rest mass, especially as distinct fromenergy.
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Do i matter?

I dont know. Ive been thinking about this deep philosophicalquestion for some time now. I wish i had an answer for you, butuntil i am more knowledgable on the subject matter, ( Full Answer )